About the Farm

Who We Are & How We Grow

Farmer Elizabeth Wood started New Leaf CSA in 2002 with little more than a passion for being outdoors and growing delicious vegetables for the local community. She is now growing over 6 acres of vegetables, herbs, and flowers for 100 member families.

The farm relies on organic practices such as incorporating compost and biological pest controls. We never use synthetic pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers or plant genetically modified crops. We do not get certified organic because of the high application costs but do comply with all requirements of organic certification.

Our farm’s location on a country road just outside Brattleboro with views of the Connecticut river valley and beautiful agricultural landscape makes picking up the veggies a highlight of many members’ weeks.

On a visit to the farm you might stop to feed the Nigerian Dwarf goats, swap recipes with other members, cut your own herbs and flowers, or just grab your veggies and run.

New Leaf leases most of its growing area from the historic, scenic Scott Farm, home of 120 varieties of apples and filming site of the movie The Cider House Rules. Find out more about the Scott Farm’s fruit offerings including its Farm Market, Pick-Your-Own orchard, events, classes and fruit csa shares at http://scottfarmvermont.com/

"I love the variety of fresh-picked, organic vegetables that I receive every week during the season."
Vern Grubinger
CSA Member & UVM Extension Vegetable Specialist
"Each pick-up is like Christmas morning: what great new vegetable will we try this week?"
Tammy McNamara
CSA Member